11th European Researchers’ Night

Some researchers from the High Pressure Processes group of the University of Valladolid have participated in the European Researchers’ Night which took place in the Museo de la Ciencia of Valladolid last October 30th. The objective of this activity is to bring the society closer to the different researches that are carried out in the University of Valladolid with European funding.

During this session, over 2500 persons could discover two of these financed projects by the European Commission which are being performed in our research group. One of them is WineSense (http://winesense.uva.es/), a project focused on improve the extraction process of the active parts of the polyphenols presents in grapes with greener techniques than in conventional extraction processes to define a suitable formulation for pharmaceutical applications, food, and cosmetics additives, while improving the quantity and quality of the extracts. The other displayed project was SHYMAN (http://www.shyman.eu/), a project devoted on the sustainable manufacturing of nanoparticles using hydrothermal processes with supercritical water, by a combination of the expertise of universities and several companies.

Figure 1. HPPG at the 11th European Researchers’ Night
Figure 1. HPPG at the 11th European Researchers’ Night

Rut Romero 

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