Aerogels supported ionic liquid phase to catalyze the reaction between CO2 + Epoxides

Visiting Portuguese researcher in the HPP Group of the University of Valladolid is studying the comparison of using bulk ionic liquids as reaction solvent and catalyst for the coupling reaction between CO2 and limonene oxide, with the utilization of an ionic liquid phase adsorbed into alginate aerogels (SILP) in the frame of project AQACO2NV and the EXIL Cost Action CM1206.

Figure 1. Aerogels produced: blank and impregnated aerogels

Ana Inês Paninho is a PhD Student in Sustainable Chemistry at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Her thesis in entitled: “Renewable carbonates from CO2 and naturally occurring building blocks”. Her research interests are Green Chemistry – Development of innovative and more sustainable industrial processes using dense CO2 as the reactant and/or solvent and separating agent of the reaction products (process integration as a method of process intensification). CO2 as alternative raw material and carbon resource – chemical fixation of CO2 through the synthesis of new materials, namely polycarbonates, totally derived from renewable resources.

The produced aerogels impregnated with an ionic liquid phase were able to catalyze the reaction providing a simple method for catalyst reutilization and product separation.

This collaboration has been funded with the project AQUA-CO2NV ENE2014-53459-R from MINECO and the COST ACTION EXIL.

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