[Conference] ECCE10 + ECAB3 + EPIC5

ecce10A large delegation from the High Pressure Processes Group attended the 10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE10), held in Nice (France) last week in conjunction with the 3rd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology (ECAB3) and the 5th European Process Intensification Conference (EPIC5). Some of our PhD students and postdoc researchers gave excellent oral presentations about their work.

This trio of conferences, aimed at “chemical and biochemical engineering for a new sustainable process industry in Europe”, had impressive attendance numbers, with hundreds of world-class scientist and engineers from all over the globe. The abstract book of the conference is available to download here. The oral presentations given by our students were the following:

Joana M. Lopes: Improvement Of Cellulose Processing In High Melting Point Ionic Liquids By Using Carbon Dioxide

Alvaro Cabeza: Modelling And Simulation Of A Holm Oak Fractionation Process In A Packed Bed With Hot Pressurized Water

Alberto Romero: Ru/MCM-48 Catalyst For Hydrogenation Of Cellulose Into Sugar Alcohols. Use Of Supercritical Water As Pretreatment

György Lévai: Increasing Bioavailability Of Quercetin By Producing Encapsulated Nanoparticles Using Sfee- And Pgss Drying Process

Danilo A. Cantero: Conversion Of Agricultural Biomass Wastes Into Valuable Products Via Supercritical Water Hydrolysis

Esther De Paz: Encapsulation Of Quercetin In Water-Soluble Carriers By Antisolvent Precipitation

Vanessa Gonçalves: Development Of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) Solid Formulations By PGSS-Drying

Víctor Martín: Green Synthesis Of Copper Nanoparticles And Their Use In Biomedical Applications

Gianluca Gallina: Pilot-Scale Multistage Semi-Continuous Reactor For The Extraction Of Hemicellulose



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