[Course]: CO2 Utilization as a C1 Feedstock and Solvent In Catalysis

For October 6th to October 7th, Ana Nunes, from Nova Lisboa University, will teach the course “CO2 Utilization as a C1 Feedstock and Solvent In Catalysis“. The course will be held at “Aula 3M” Escuela Ingenierías Industriales, Sede Paseo del Cauce from 10 am to 14 am.

Ana Nunes (left center) and the PhD students of HPP group during the first course’s sesion


  • Carbon capture and sequestration vs Carbon capture and utilization (2 hours)
    • CCS vs CCU
  • CO2 as a C1 feedstock and supercritical opportunities (3 hours)
    • CO2 mixtures phase behaviour
    • The role of CO2/ionic liquid systems
  • CO2 utilization challenges for high pressure catalysis (3 hours)
    • Reaction selectivity
    • Product separation
    • Continuous process

This course is part of the PhD program “Ingenieria Termodinamica de Fluidos”


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