[Course]: Minisymposium on Catalyst Design And Applications

On the occasion of the celebration of the meeting for the project Photo4Future H2020 ITN (http://www.photo4future.com/), the symposium “Catalyst Design and Applications” will be held.  During the event some lectures from a group of Internationally recognised speakers will be presented.

Symposium is organized by the University of Cordoba and the researching group of Nanoscale Chemistry and Biomass/Waste Valorization.

The event will take place at Sala Mudejar del Rectorado, Universidad de Cordoba (Avda. Medina Azahara s/n) next Wednesday 9th November. Event is free of charge.

To get more info, please contact to Prof. Garcia Luque (q62alsor@uco.es)

Catalyst Design and Applications

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