[Paper] Hydrothermal fractionation of grape seeds in subcritical water to produce oil extract, sugars and lignin: biorefinery example


In the present work, the fractionation of grape seeds was studied using solvothermal extraction and a hydrothermal fractionation-hydrolysis process focused in the production of added value components. The grape seeds were hydrothermally treated using a multi-step two-solvent and temperature profile fractionation in order to separate the added value components from hemicelluloses, celluloses and lignin in a biorefinery concept.

This process was carried out employing a semicontinuous reactor. The solvothermal extraction was carried out using ethanol/water (70/30%) as solvent at 90ºC and 60 min obtaining ca. 13.0% wt. of oil and extractable components with 66% of polyphenols respect to the achievable maximum. Then, the raw material was subjected to a hydrothermal fractionation-hydrolysis using a temperature profile (150ºC to 340ºC). The best experimental condition for obtaining the maximum amount of pentoses + hexoses + oligosaccharides was 180ºC (45min) + 250 to 265ºC (45 min) + 330 to 340ºC (45 min).

For more information: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S092058611400577X

Florencia Yedro – Projects CTQ2011-23293; ENE2012-33613; VA254B11-2; Erasmus Mundus EurotangoII

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