[Paper] Perspectives in the H2O2 direct synthesis reaction process – Special Issue Published

SpecialIssue_CatTodayThe Special Issue “Perspectives in the H2O2 direct synthesis reaction process” edited by Dr. Pierdomenico Biasi and Dr. Juan García Serna just came out in Catalysis Today. Front cover is an art design by Dr. Irene Huerta Illera from her doctoral thesis.

Specifically, this volume contains 5 mini-reviews and 15 original papers devoted to the hydrogen peroxide direct synthesis process. They are divided as follows: (1) catalysis development, (2) reaction engineering (reactors, kinetics), (3) novel experiments and concepts in the direct synthesis, (4) modeling (DFT, simulation, quantum mechanics) and (5) microreactors, process intensification and membrane reactors.

Thanks to all the magnificient collaborators !

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