This research line investigate mainly those reactions performed under high pressures, normaly between 10 barg (1 MPa) and 300 barg (30.0 MPa). Low pressure has been also studied.

 The main tasks of this research group are:

 1. Kinetic studies, catalyst preparation and operation of reaction plants.

2. Basic Engineering of high pressure reaction laboratory and pilot plants (flow diagramas, mass&energy balances, P&I Diagrams, Process Data Sheet and Operation Manual)

3. Training Courses: operation and modeling of plants under high pressure.

4. Consulting of High Pressure Engineering and Green Engineering

 The concept of sustainability and sustainable development is used nowadays to describe those products, processes or production systems that are specially favourable where aspects like process, security, environment, society and economy have been integrated into the design process. In this way, the design can satisfy the current needs but considering that future generation do need to satisfy their own needs. What are the rules, protocols o guidelines that need to follow and fulfill a Chemical Engineering Design to promote sustainable development? Are there tools for the design, evaluation, implementation and tracking of the sustainable products, processes and production systems?


 The aim of this research line are:

 1. Synthesis of organic compounds in CO2 as solvent/reagent

2. Synthesis of organic compounds in subcritical and supercritical water as solvent/reagent

3. Wet oxidation of organic waste waters

4. Depolymerization reactions of: polycarbonate, SBR (styrene-butadiende rubber) and carbon fibber reinforced composites by epoxi resins.

5. Residence Time Distribution (RTD) in high pressure reactors and CFD modelling.

6. Modeling of reaction and extraction processes at high pressures

7. Green Engineering and Sustainability

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